ZenMag Owner calls out producer, Ifan Michael


ZenMag owner has called out producer Ifan Michael over his attitude towards him, following an accident. He took to his Facebook account to share how he had a road accident on his way to the 2018 AMVCA.

He wrote;

Yesterday at around 6pm on my to the AMVCA @ the Eko Hotels I had an accident. As the light turned green and I entered the road a car refused to slow down on red and rammed into me. I am fine. I believe I am. The sad part about all this apart from the damage to my car is even the person I was going to suppport at the awards show that was nominated/won has not even placed a call to me to even see if I am well or hurt. Truly… life is cold. See guys… some people don’t care for you the same way you do for them. Well, life goes on.

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We live and learn. I THANK GOD FOR MY LIFE. 3 airbags gone, right car leg gone, bumper, chassis, fog light all gone and can be replaced. But a life can never be replaced. Thank you God. He then went on to call out producer Ifan Michael, while sharing screenshots of their conversation, He wrote;

Earlier today, I received a bill of around 500k to fix my car. My life could have ended just like that when that car rammed into me. The impact and sound alone sent shockwaves all round my body and I went via all this for a friend who is yet to even check on me or call me 4 days after my accident.

Is this what life is about? Where people come from behind begging for front covers from you but when you are in trouble or battling for your life they ignore you like if you don’t exist.

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This cover I worked on for this guy I did till 3am. My sleep and time I sacrified for him and his team. I or my brand don’t need this cover but yet we still did it.

I am putting all this out there because I want people to know the true colours of some people they work with or admire in this Nigerian creative industry. Not everyone who calls you brother will act like a brother on your day of need. @Ifan, MAY God judge you in his own way. I won’t say another word on this.

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