Your body odour could be killing your relationships!

Body odour

Body odour is the unpleasant smell that our bodies can give off when we sweat and the bacteria on the skin breaks it down to become acids. During the initial stages, body odour may not be as prominent as how it can become when left untreated. Body odour usually occurs during puberty stages – for females it usually occurs during the 14th to the 16th year, and for males it occurs between the ages 15 and 17.There are different causes for body odour.

Possible Causes of Body Odour
Although having body odour occurs naturally,there are still some factors that can contribute to making this condition more prominent.

1. Not using a towel after Showering – Some people like to air dry after a shower but this can actually increase the risk of having body odour because it gives bacteria time to nest in spots in the body that has not been completely dried out. Make sure to completely dry your body after every shower to make sure that there will be little or no room for bacteria to penetrate.

2. Neglecting to Brush Your Tongue – Having bad breath is also a form of having body odour. When you neglect brushing your tongue where bacteria usually tend to rest, it will give off an unpleasant smell that resembles everything that you have eaten during the day. Make sure that you practice good hygiene and that this includes brushing your tongue really well.

3. Serious Stress – When you are under serious stress your body tends to sweat a bit more. In order to prevent body odour, make sure that you put on the right kind of deodorant that can control sweat especially in the armpit area.

4. Using Deodorant Only – Overall hygiene is important to make sure that you prevent acquiring body odour. It is not enough to just put on deodorant and skip on the shower. Make sure that taking a bath or having a shower is included in your daily itinerary to ensure proper hygiene.

5. Having Dandruff – Dandruff is caused by dirt, shampoo residue, and dry scalp. When you have dandruff, your scalp tends to produce bacteria that can cause body odor. In order to treat this, take the right kind of anti dandruff shampoo.

6. Be in Between Periods – Being in between the menstrual cycle can make a woman feel uncomfortable. The use of sanitary napkins or tampons is obviously needed to aid in this cycle. Proper hygiene and cleanliness must be observed to ensure that the genital area is clean and will not give off any bad smell.

7. Take Prescription Drugs – A big factor that can sometimes play in body odour is the food and medications that we take in. Particles from these medications may be secreted through the sweat glands which in turn can give off an undesirable smell. What can help in preventing body odor when this happens is making sure that you drink plenty of water so that these particles will naturally be flushed out from the system.

Little life adjustments can save you from major embarrassments.

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