Breastfeeding your toddler; the hidden benefits you never knew existed

breastfeeding week

Today is the first of august and i will like to welcome you to a new month. Incidentally, the world breastfeeding week begins today the 1st  of august and runs for the next six days.  So the 1st  -7th august is the world’s breastfeeding week and the theme for this year is sustaining breastfeeding together.

I know a lot of mothers who have breastfed their babies till the age of one year are at a crossroad and wondering  if they should continue or end the journey right here.  At this point also, a lot of mothers loose all the support they once had to breastfeed;  their partners are somewhat tired of hanging on, they no longer have the support of their mother or mother in law who constantly repeats breastfeeding should be stopped at one year because that is how it has always be done, even the society does not help matters by the ugly stares they give when they notice you bringing out your breasts to feed your walking baby.

Is there is any benefit attached to breastfeeding your toddler?

Yes mum, there are lots of benefits to be derived from breastfeeding your toddler.

Do you know that  the world health organization states that breastfeeding should be continued up till the age of two and continued till baby and mother are ready to stop.

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