Health Poll: Do whiter teeth means healthy teeth?

Tooth decay

From Pinnacle Poll, we asked if Pure white teeth equate to healthier teeth, although our teeth should be on the whiter side. Is this a myths or a medical facts.

Listening to Our Guest Dr. DAYO from SS Dental Clinic on our popular Radio Program “Health Matters’‘  whiter teeth do not mean healthy teeth instead it represents only one type of teeth colour. In her explanation, there are different tooth colours.

Also, tooth colour varies with age. The teeth have different layers and each layer has its colour.

As one grows old the outer teeth layer wears away to reveal the second layer which is yellow in colour. What this simply means is that older persons may likely have yellowish teeth.

On the other hand, some cases of whiter teeth show that there is an unknown problem going on in the mouth, she said. Whiter teeth may be a symptom of flourosis, a condition in which the person’s teeth is not strong enough due to teeth mottling and in severe cases calcification of the underlying ligaments.

Listen to full interview below

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