What Nigerians want the Government to do to the Health Sector


Aisha Braunelle

Research Institutes with up to date facilities fully installed and readily available to researchers. Funding of medical research by government and corporate bodies should be encouraged and properly regulated

Dr Fatimah Odusote

My hopes for Nigeria are:
1) Health: a) significant reduction in maternal and child mortality
b) improved and increased access to affordable, qualitative and prompt health care delivery for all Nigerians
c) Availability and provision of state of art health care facilities.
d) boosting the Morales of health care providers through revision of remuneration packages, regular capacity building.

Benice Akinola

My hope and dream for the Nigeria health sector is to have a healthcare that is adequately equipped to take care of children and adults. It should also have the right personnel,from courteous and truly caring nurses and well trained doctors who know exactly what they are doing and not his trial and error.

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