What Nigerians want the Government to do to the Health Sector


Yes, the change begins with me.

Ask yourself as a health worker,” what can I do differently to contribute my quota in the health sector?”

Let each health care worker wear the garments of empathy while rendering or delivering  health care services to patients/ clients.

Like a colleague once said- “Attending to patients is more than case note, be empathic”


The disharmony between health care worker is the no 1 problem.. #Savage issues everywhere, selfishness… I stand to be corrected, i have not seen 1 health care institution with a true multidisciplinary healthcare approach..

Bella Abidakun

of course, there is so much work to be done in our health care system, from having enough human resources to upgrading the health equipment, to having more accessible hospitals in each local government and state with adequate manpower.

Maintenance of all the resources must be in place and accountability of any fund imputed as well as generated.

Babalola SK:

There is lack of commitment on the part of the government. Thousands of Nigerian lives are wasted yearly while seeking medical help abroad. Millions of naira is lost in form of accruable revenue to medical tourism

I look forward to a Nigeria of my dream where medical services will be available, where the sanctity of human lives will be respected, facilities and medical services will be accessible to the common man, a country where the welfare of the health personnel is prioritized. Where lives will not be lost to avoidable situations like lack of oxygen, unavailable blood match, lack of surgical materials are simple as gloves

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