What Nigerians want the Government to do to the Health Sector

What Nigerians want the Government to do to the Health Sector

As we salute Nigeria at 57, Nigerians are on the point that much work are still yet to be done in our health sector.

We decided to throw this out, let’s hear what Nigerians have to say.
Let hear from Nigerians, Health practitioners or not, what is the much work needed in our health sector.

Dr Misturah Bello

Much work need be done in health seriously

  1. Going back to the basics – Training of health workers: Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, Medical Lab technicians, Radiographers, health statisticians and other support staffs

*What sort of training is given to health workers?

*Can they compete at the global level with their counterparts?

*Are they equipped, given opportunities or empowered with continuous training to be at par with the current trends in health care?


Health care is all about collaboration and teamwork.

The health care system is one that involves several health care providers and workers towards a common goal of delivering good and sustainable health care to the people in a community or state or nation at large.

One can almost not do without the other

* What is the effect of any rift between doctors and nurses?

  1. STAKEHOLDERS IN HEALTH – The stakeholders at the helms of affairs in the health sector need to work on resetting the health care system if this great nation.

Who are those behind the health programmes and health policies made?

Who set up the health care system in Nigeria on how it should run?

Who are those running the affairs of Nigerian health institutions?

Who are in charge of the delivery of health care to the Nigerian people?

All stakeholders in health need to show accountability in whichever area of focus towards good delivery of health care to the Nigerian people

  1. GOOD PRACTICE AND QUACKERY: Many people in communities patronize themselves as doctors or pharmacists after being an apprentice at a local private hospital or pharmacy shop.

The government needs to look into that in order to reduce the untoward effects of people patronizing them for health care on account of poverty or low cost or close proximity/easy access


One of the major factors affecting the health of people is their accessibility to health care

*Bad roads and traffic grid lock that has lead to several deaths of people in emergency situations while on their way to the hospital.

Should get better with Lekki roads restructured now, I think

-*Accessibility to specialist care or medical diagnostic at affordable costs as well as long distance travel in some cases

* Blood bank and blood products saga during emergencies

*Bureaucracy and long waiting time at the hospital while accessing health care


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