University of Warwick suspends 11 students over rape jokes

11 students suspended over rape jokes at University of Warwick

The University of Warwick has suspended eleven students after discovering some rape jokes they made in a Facebook group chat.

The students online papers says 98 screenshots have been submitted as evidence.
However, the university authority said it was “actively” investigating and would not comment further.
The students that have been temporarily suspended are all men and are facing “disciplinary processes”.

The chats were reported to read: “Sometimes it’s fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls.”
Another said: “Rape the whole flat to teach them all [a] lesson.”
While another: “love Hitler, hate… Jews and Corbyn.”
At one point, one wrote: “Rape her in the street while everybody watches,” with another responding it “wouldn’t even be unfair”.

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The messages came to light after three formal complaints were made to the university.

A first year history and politics student said the initial reaction from the university “wasn’t intense enough. ”

A spokeswoman for the university’s student union [SU] said it “condemns the content” of the messages and hopes to see a conclusion “as swiftly as possible.”

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On the other hand, University of Warwick spokesman said: “A possible student disciplinary incident is currently being actively investigated.

“We cannot comment further on this matter until those investigations, and any subsequent disciplinary processes, are concluded.”

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