The triclosan in toothpaste may promote colon cancer; Research

triclosan in toothpaste may promote colon cancer

Researchers have called for an “urgent need” to test triclosan, a common chemical in household products especially toothpaste claiming it might cause colonic inflammation and promote colon cancer.

Following preliminary studies, researchers say the antibacterial and antifungal properties of triclosan make it useful in toothpastes, detergents, soaps, and mouthwashes.

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Triclosan is also added to other items, such as beddings, socks and toys, to slow down the buildup of bacteria and fungi.

According to a study run by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 75 per cent of the urine samples they tested contained triclosan which has raised concerns over the commonly safe chemical.
The research states that the compound has also been found in blood plasma and breast milk, rivers, streams, oceans, and even reservoirs.

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The United States Geological survey reveals that because of its potential role in anti-microbial resistance and endocrine disruption, and its theoretical effects on the immune system, it has been deemed a “contaminant of emerging concern.”

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