These three foods will enhance your immune system and drastically reduced Illness


There are lots of values you derive from eating well and it extends beyond staying alive, quenching hunger pangs, to staying healthy and increasing your ability to fight off illness and diseases, thereby helping your Immune system A lot of people fall sick due to low immune system so it’s necessary yourself arm yourself with the right information that will give you an edge to stay healthy and fit.

There are several foods that boost the immune system and we shall dwell on three in this post. You will learn about their health benefits and their nutritional value as well.


Yogurts have live active cultures that are help to make the gut and other digestive systems in the body free of germs. They are healthy bacteria or probiotics and are also available in form of supplements. Studies have shown that yogurt boosts your body immunity so try to drink a glass of yogurt every day.

2Barley and Oats

These are common grains you can easily get and they have fiber which contains antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. These properties increase your immune system and fights against disease and infections.


Garlic works wonders in the body! It has antibacterial properties like allicin and this helps to increase your immunity against bacteria and diseases. You need to take at least one clove of garlic each day. The only downside here is the offensive smell it emits, but it has good health benefits. You may opt for adding garlic while preparing your meals, but you need to ensure you don’t overcook it to avoid killing off the nutrients.


These three foods will enhance your immune system and the incidence of illness will be drastically reduced. A common trait amongst these 3 foods is the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties they possess. You should try it out more and enjoy the rich healthy benefits.


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