Ten things that could cause you headache

hunger, hangover, an ear infection, blurry vision
Ten causes of headaches

Headache could be as a result of various factors such as hunger, hangover, an ear infection, blurry vision, sex etc.

Blurry vision

You may get a headache when trying to focus something near your face. If you are farsighted, things look fuzzy as you get closer to them. It could be because your eyeball is too short or the clear covering on your eye, called the cornea, is too flat.

Tensing your neck and shoulders

Hunching over your computer for hours or holding the phone to your ear with your shoulder, also tensing the jaw muscles due to stress may cause “tension headaches”.


Hunger for a while could result to low blood sugar which triggers a headache.

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Skipping your morning coffee

Your body gets used to the caffeine in the coffee and reminds you with a headache.

If you want to stop your caffeine habit, cut down by 25% a week to get used to it and not automatically.

You had sex

You may have a dull ache in the neck or head that worsens as you get more sexually excited. It might be a throbbing headache that comes quickly just as you climax. It might also be both. Most last minutes or hours.

Swollen sinuses

A simple cold can inflame hollow areas behind the cheekbones and forehead. The swelling could cause pain that could worsen when you bend over.

You drank too much last night

A hangover would always cause you a throbbing head. This is because alcohol disturbs your sleep and rids your body of liquid. In such cases redehydrate with water, broth, or sports drinks. Anti-inflammatory drugs can help, but avoid acetaminophen, which is too hard on your liver when you have been drinking.

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You just ate an ice cream

This is also called “ice cream” or “brain freeze” head ache. This happens when you eat something very cold, especially if you do it fast.

Having an ear infection

Headaches often result from bacteria or viral infection of the air-filled middle ear, where tiny bones vibrate to produce sounds. Fluid buildup could cause ear and head pain along with drainage of liquid, blood, or pus.

You overdo your pain relievers

Over-the-counter medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen may cause headaches if you use them more than 15 days a month. Prescription opioids or drugs with caffeine might do it in just 10 days. People who get migraines are more likely to have this problem.

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