Teen Suicide on the Rise: Your Role in Stopping it?

teens suicide

Teens suicide is the third leading cause of death occurring between the ages of 15 and 24 years; most times in female than in male. The rate at which teenagers commit suicide is quite alarming and the right measures to stop this must be put in place.

Let look at some of the reasons for teens suicide ?

teens rape by teens suicide


This is the leading cause for suicide among teens. Some teens get to talk about it with people and are stigmatised.


Some could not even share it with any, either because they were threatened by the abuser or for fear of the unknown.


CHILD MARRIAGE: This is a robber of childhood. The child is married off to an elderly man by her parent either to pay off a debt or as a means of acquiring wealth. teens suicideThere was a story of a girl who granted a television interview. She made a statement that she would kill herself if she was married off at her age. Some few months later, she took her life. No child should be put in marriage for any reason.


BULLY: This is an aggressive behaviour towards the teenager. When there is inability to withstand being bullied most times in school, the teenager finds safety in giving up on life. Bullying is a suicide activator on its own.


DIVORCED PARENTS: This has psychological effects on a child. Sometimes the child may think it was his or her faults for the divorce or he/she could not handle seeing the other one hurts and chose to take his/her life.

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REJECTION: Every child loves attention and when rejection comes, either from friends or parents, he loses his self-esteem. Depression sets in and could lead to suicide.




Warning signs to look out for include:

Loss of appetite | Overeating | Low self-esteem | Lack of concentration | Depression | Insomnia | Hopelessness | Lack of interest in anything | Talks about dying

We all have a role to play to stop teens suicide which is now on the increase.

teens suicide


  • Encourage a child to speak up
  • Stop stigmatizing rape victims
  • Discourage frequent use of over-the-counter drugs
  • Discourage alcohol intake among teenagers
  • As much as they feel bad about their grades, cheer them up to do better

No teenager is permitted to commit suicide as no reason is worth taking one’s life. Stop teens suicide today.

Let’s join hands in protecting our future leaders. Children are the leaders of tomorrow.

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