Parenting: Teaching your kids to make Safe phone conversation

Safe phone conversation

Julie Mogbo, a child therapist and sexuality expert while speaking on the episode of Health Matters with the host Samuel Alabi talks about how parents can help teach their children to have a safe phone conversation with strangers most especially during this summer break.

Julie  popularly called the “family bond nurse” in her statement, a safe phone conversation is when the receiver of a phone call is not being manipulated or forced into doing something he/she will normally not do.

This takes place when a person is not anxious, afraid, in disbelief, being blackmailed or
manipulated. Whether it is an adult or a child, the receiver should not fell less than normal when having the conversation.

The reason for these manipulations could include kidnap purpose, theft which is as a result of greed or to gather personal information about a person.

Julie with her crew carried out a phone drill exercise with some children and some of their parents were present during the drill. The children were called and asked about the whereabouts of their parents while one of them went ahead to disclose information to them without knowing who they were speaking to.

Another child just told the caller that he didn’t want to talk to them and hung up. The parents of these kids were surprised at the responses of some of their children to the questions asked.

Julie and her team went ahead to explain to the children the proper way to handle a phone conversation while parents are also advised to spend more time with their children to get to know them better and to also ask them questions about their activities, friends etc.

This will give them a chance to be able to teach their kids valuable lessons and also watch them do somethings such as handle a phone rightly.

Parents are advised not to neglect their children during this summer period and make adequate provisions for them in their absence.

Listen to the full Session on Pinnacle Health Radio Podcast

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