Syrian Crisis: Women and Girls Suffer Sexual Abuse

Syrian refugee women sexually harassed in Lebanon: HRW (Daily Star)

Women in the conflict struck Syria are increasingly exploited sexually in exchange for humanitarian aids.

According to BBC reports, aid workers in the conflict hit country continually demand sexual favours from the women before they were offered aid items or even a lift.

The report stated; “women and girls ‘without male protectors’ such as widows and divorcees as well as female IDPs were regarded as particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation.”

The report, entitled “Voices from Syria 2018”, enumerated that both women and girls married official for a short time frame so as to receive meals, lifts, or distributions while they offered sexual services in exchange.

Aid workers told the BBC that the exploitation is so widespread that some Syrian women refuse to go to distribution centers because people would assume they had offered their bodies for the aid they brought home.

Amidst warnings about these abuses three years ago, recent reports still show these inhuman acts continue in the Southern parts of the country.

However the UN agencies and charities said they had zero tolerance of exploitation and were not aware of any cases of abuse by partner organizations in the region.

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