Swedish royal crowns lost to unknown thieves

Swedish royal crowns

Reports claim the two Swedish royal crowns worn by Karl IX and Queen Kristina of the Swedish royal family has been stolen by thieves following a Security collapse.

The unknown thieves on Tuesday stole the crowns alongside a royal orb from the 13th Century Strangnas Cathedral.

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The exact value of the imperial artifacts which are gold-plated and adorned in precious stones and pearls is unknown.

Police spokesperson Thomas Agnevik said: “It’s too difficult to translate these things into some kind of value; it’s such a unique object.”

He said the thieves would have had to break the glass the jewels are kept behind, which would have set off the church alarm.

Swedish royal crowns

Agnevik added that security agents are searching “for a small and open motorboat,” on which the said robbers escaped.

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“We have some different information about how exactly the boat looked. We are now examining all the tips we receive,” he said.

An eye witness, Tom Roswell said he saw the gang jump into a little white boat and race off into Lake Malaren, one of the largest in the country.

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