JOHESU writes an open letter to President Buhari

JOHESU called the attention of the Nigerian president to the unresolved issues which has lingered its strike action. The union posits that for there to be a lasting solution to the crises in the health sector, the nation must adhere to “International Best Administrative/Leadership Practices” rather than the “often touted slogan”: “International Best Medical Practice” of Nigerian medical practitioners.

The letter read in part; “Your Excellency, Sir, I believe that health service stakeholders, especially the medical doctors, should begin to avail themselves the understanding of International Best Administrative/Leadership Practices that will give birth to an effective health services delivery, so that your Administration can put the felt health needs of Nigerians on the right pedestal.”

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JOHESU opine that the nation should learn from the likes of USA, Canada, UK, and India whose health ministers are not medical doctors unlike in our country Nigeria where the health sector/ministry is believed to be the birth right of  the medical doctors.

“The Minister and Minister of State, Health in the US of America, are not Medical Doctors; yet, in charge of the wonderful Health Sector of the American Economy, never to be compared with the horrible Nigeria’s by any means or standard.

“Your Excellency, Sir, the Minister and Deputy Minister of Health, Canada are not Medical Doctors, yet their health services and the Nigeria health services are not anything to be compared with the Canadian’s.

“Your Excellency, Nigerian Health Sector has not done better than the UK’s because both the Minister and the Minister of state in the United Kingdom are not Medical Doctors.

“Your Excellency, Sir, once again, the Minister and Minister of State India, are not Medical Doctors, yet they are the people in charge of the wonder-working health facilities to which all our well to dos run to, for medical services that address their health needs.”

JOHESU hence recommended that: “All primarily medically trained personnel, who have interest in becoming the Chief Executive of Nigerian Public hospital/health facilities should wait, go back and have at least a two year postgraduate training in Human Management, Public Relations and Communication Management. Hospital management is not about Medical Practices. It has more to do with human relations and material management for productive outcome,” it said.

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The union further faulted the attitude of Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) towards other workers in the health industry especially during this strike action.

“Your Excellency, you will agree with me that the behaviour of NMA since the crisis in the health sector appear more asshole than anything else,” the statement read.

The statement concluded thus: “The days of Professional jealousies, Professional suspicions, Professional myopicsm, professional cocoons or Professional Mind-Your-Business or don’t touch me and Professional empire building based on mediocrity, ignorance or fear of being swallowed are gone forever.

“All the people involved in the enterprise must know what their jobs are, what the leader wants them to do… then they must make sure that everyone who works with them knows where they fit in the project and exactly what is expected of them… the key to it all was clear direction to a qualified man.”

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