Serena Williams raises concern over health of U.S pregnant women

Serena Williams and baby

36 year old tennis star Serena Williams has come up to lament over the rate at which black women in the USA die during pregnancy or childbirth.

Serena who almost became a victim of this tragedy suffered from a pulmonary embolism after she gave birth to her first kid through a caesarean section.

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that black women in the United States are more than three times as likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth compared to their white counterparts.

Serena counted herself fortunate to survive the ugly incident. She says: “I was in a really fortunate situation where I know my body well, and I am who I am, and I told the doctor: ‘I don’t feel right, something’s wrong.’ She immediately listened.”

She also applauded the efforts of her doctor in her very comment; “She was great. I had a wonderful, wonderful doctor. Unfortunately a lot of African Americans and black people don’t have the same experience that I’ve had.”

For Williams most women are not privileged to access the quality health care they may need at such situations and this calls for concern. “Because of what I went through, it would be really difficult if I didn’t have the healthcare that I have – and to imagine all the other women that do go through that without the same healthcare, without the same response, it’s upsetting,” she stated.

Williams blamed doctors for not listening to the cries of the women this she says is “heartbreaking.” For this reason Williams posit; it may be time for women to “to get feisty and stand up”.

Speaking also on issues of gender disparity Williams says: “I think it’s important to speak up loud and clear and say: ‘No, this isn’t right. Treat me the same way that you’re treating…’ How am I going to explain to my son that he is getting more? How am I going to explain to my daughter that she is getting less than my son? To me it’s impossible to explain this.”

The 23-time Grand Slam singles winner insists that both gender should be treated equally and given equal right in the society.

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