Florida Boy Undergoes Experimental Rabies Treatment

Ryker Roque

Doctor in Florida confirmed Ryker Roque a 6 years old boy battling with Rabies after he was rushed by his parents to the emergency room

Ryker Roque, who is 6-year-old was reported to have hallucinations and then seizures a few weeks after an infected bat bit him.

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According to his Doctor, they are betting that a controversial experimental treatment — which has worked on just two others in the U.S. — will help him pull through.

Confirming the case also, the Florida Department of Health acknowledged the news and state that there is an ongoing treatment for the person who was infected by a bat.

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Doctors will place Ryker Roque in command and then treat him with a cocktail of antiviral drugs, some of which were made to treat Ebola, says Rodney Willoughby, MD, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin who came up with the treatment. The treatment is freely available to health care providers on the Internet.

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