Pharmaceutical wastes endangering the ecosystem

Pharmaceutical wastes

A new research has reviewed that Pharmaceutical wastes resulting from human and farm animal consumption are endangering the ecosystem of rivers around the world,

Francesco Bregoli, a researcher at the Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands, told the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018, on Thursday, when presenting the research findings.

Bregoli said that a large part of the world’s rivers and lakes are potentially threatened by the high concentration of drug wastes.

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Diclofenac has been branded as a threat to the environment by both the EU and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The team found out that over 10,000 kilometres of waters contain an amount of the drug exceeding the 100 nanogrammes per litre standard set by the EU.

The spread of diclofenac reflects the spread of thousands of other medications and personal care products in water bodies.

Based on data collected from some 1,400 locations worldwide, the researchers are predicting that the amount of pharmaceutical wastes could surge by some 67 per cent by 2050.

Technology can’t solve the problem, Bregoli told AFP. “We need a substantial reduction in consumption.’’


The commissioner added that the state government, with the support from WHO and other organizations, had also executed various programmes to control, hepatitis E, malaria, polio, measles, meningitis and other diseases.

Mr Mshelia called for closer collaboration with WHO to enhance healthcare delivery in the state.

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Mr Ghebrayesus on his part assured the state of WHO’s commitment to contain the spread of cholera, polio and other diseases in the state.

He said: “The current cholera outbreak was recorded in areas where vaccination was not conducted. The outbreak would be analyzed to avert future occurrence.”

He commended the state government for demonstrating the political will to control the outbreak and transform healthcare service delivery in the state.

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