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The Child Nutrition Zone

The Child Nutrition Zone

The child nutrition zone with Benice Akinola seeks to inform and educate parents and caregivers on best feeding practices and deals with every aspect of child nutrition issues from infancy to teenagers,

Nurses on Air Show

Nurses on air on Pinnacle health Radio

Nurses on air show on Pinnacle health radio is the Africa’s No 1 Nurses-Media platform.

Banana Peel Therapy :They will save you lots of money and give you good health

Banana peel

Bananas are one of the most treasured healthy alternatives. Aside the banana peel, Bananas are known for their high potassium and magnesium content. Bananas are delicious and filling. Very good for smoothies.

The benefits of banana are many. Aside all these, they are eternal friends of your skin, face hair
and nails. Bananas are so friendly that even their peels are enormously beneficial.

Understanding Your Toddler’s Eating Habit.

Toddler Eating Habit

Do you have a hard time getting your toddler to eat real foods?

Is your toddler picky with foods and fussy at mealtimes? Understanding Your Toddler’s Eating Habit is a necessity

Complementary Foods for your Baby; What You Should Know

Complementary Foods

Is your baby approaching six months of age, and you are wondering if it’s time to commence complementary foods?

Do you have a hard time struggling to put food in your mouth while carrying your baby?

The effect of stress on health and wellbeing

Stress and wellbeing

A lot of factors come into play to determine the level of your health and wellbeing. Stress can negatively impact on your health physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sleep your way to good health, and earn success

sleeping healthily

How much sleep do we really need?

Do we really need to spend a third of our whole lives doing nothing better than just sleeping? Particularly with the increasingly harsh economy when there’s a whole lot to do. Couldn’t we just sacrifice some sleep for some more hours of productive activity?

Eat your way to power

Food powers our life. It fuels all the bodily processes that enables us to move, think and breathe. It is therefore obvious that we are not healthy when these bodily processes cannot be carried out efficiently.

When taking a shower becomes a dilemma…

Shower in the right way

Most people feel that you should shower frequently as possible for this will ensure that you are cleaner. In addition to help cleaning the body, showering can be a soothing process as it will wash away your troubles and cares.

Your body odour could be killing your relationships!

Body odour

Body odour is the unpleasant smell that our bodies can give off when we sweat and the bacteria on the skin breaks it down to become acids. During the initial stages, body odour may not be as prominent as how it can become when left untreated.

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