Optimum Well-being with Anna

Optimum well-being

Optimum Well-being is a show that provides insightful details on health and wellbeing. We share lots of information on health, tips to enhance your fitness and maintain balance for a happy and productive life. It’s a 30 minute program that goes live every Tuesday on Pinnacle Health Radio and it is dedicated to ensure people get the right knowledge and apply the education they receive to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

We seek for a sick-free world where people strive to reach the top in their various fields of endeavor in sound health and wellness.

About Anna

Anna is a health enthusiast psychologist, professional writer, and lively On-Air-Personality. She anchors the show Optimum Well-being on Pinnacle Health radio and has written lots of articles, blog posts, and website content to the delight of her customers and loyal readers. Anna has over three years of professional experience as a writer on some freelance platforms, and always writes content that is specially customized to meet the demands of her clients. Anna also has a blog on www.deluxhealth.com, which she regularly updates with rich content on how to stay fit and healthy.


TUESDAY :   1:00PM  >> http://pinnaclehealthradio.org/live
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TUNEIN >> bit.ly/phr-tunein  

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