Opportunity at Pinnacle Health Radio

Pinnacle Health Radio is a health and wellness radio station in Lagos, Nigeria, positioned towards providing up-to-date quality information, through educating and entertaining programmes, that enables the listeners make well informed choices that promotes a better quality of life.
Pinnacle Health Radio’s value proposition includes:
1. Providing an online platform to deliver quality health and well being contents.
2. Providing access for health and wellness providers to reach a wide audience with their products.
3. Using the internet as a tool to help Africa attain the united nations sustainable development goal of ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages (Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good health and well-being)


Are you a health professional or a health enthusiast and will like to host Your Own Program on radio? Location is not a barrier to host a program on Pinnacle Health Radio. Send in your proposal through this link >> http://bit.ly/phr-host 


 For Interns

  • You’ll experience first-hand how a radio station and its affiliates operate with sales, talent, hosting and producing.
  • Radio interns are expected to help producers and on-air talent run a smooth show. Duties include setting up the studio for broadcasts with scripts for advertisements and endorsements; supplying the radio host with reading and research material; and recording specified segments for future use. In addition, an intern can be expected to maintain the station’s website with podcasts, guest interview transcripts and station news.
  • In conjunction with producers, an intern will brainstorm new ideas, write and execute the material on air.
  • An intern’s promotional duties may involve writing and editing press releases and using social media to connect with listeners and promote contests.
  • In addition, an intern might be asked to order food or ensure requested items are on hand, such as a guest’s special drink order. General office duties, such as emptying trash cans and tidying the office, may also be expected.
  • Requirements for interns usually include a 20-hour work week commitment, good academic standing, attendance at weekend (if needed) and after-hour station events, and a willingness to travel without expecting reimbursements.

For Volunteers
–       Some previous radio experience is recommended but not necessary as enthusiasm goes a long way in being helpful.
–       You MUST live, consume, think and love radio. You are always on the lookout for good content. You love the editing, the buzz of being on air or the securing of a new customer… Or all three!
–       You should want a career in media, or at least be open to the idea. It would be helpful if you lived within Lagos,
–       We don’t expect to see you every day, but you should definitely pop in a few times to get a feel for the place. Keeping in touch with us is very important.
–       Whether you’re looking to present, be a producer, programme assistant, work in station sound, technician, journalist, social media assistant or ward visitor – we want to hear from you!

Forward your application to admin@pinnaclehealthradio.org

Calls for Contributors, Bloggers, Vloggers & Creatives

We are positioned to help Africa attain healthy lives, and promoting the well-being for all at all ages.

We are currently broadening our editorial scope to place a renewed focus on trending web content, news/opinions, medical, health generally, family, lifestyle, travel/leisure/motivation coverage and humor.

The ideal blogger will bring an authoritative understanding of one or more of these topics, yet still be able to research and write articles in a conversational style, which engages readers.

Send in your application through this link >> https://bit.ly/phr-calling 


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