Parent can detect signs of child cancer – Dr Adedayo Joseph

childhood cancer

Clinical & Radiation Oncologist, Dr. (Mrs.) Adedayo Joseph, the executive director of the Dorcas cancer Foundation while speaking on Monday on the show “Health Matters”  encourage parents to opt for proper check up when they sense any symptoms in the their child that isn’t responding fast to treatment.

Most childhood cancer initially presents with non-specific signs and symptoms, which may lead to late detection. Parents should do proper check up for their children and remember that treatments save lives.

She stressed on the difference in the type of cancer children have and that of adults, Even if we all have the same brain, blood, kidney and lungs but different cells, early detection is key to fighting against cancer.

Most often, teenagers and young adults with cancer should  be treated at a center where medical oncologists, who are doctors who treat cancer, and pediatric oncologists, who are doctors who treat children with cancer, work together to plan treatment.

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