Nutrition For Life with Oyebamiji Emmanuel

nutrition for life

Nutrition For Life with Oyebamiji Emmanuel Aanuoluwapo serve as a means to enlighten the populace over their nutritional life and their wellbeing. Creating awareness that, they can stay away from hospital with the help of “good food” in respect of their diseased condition.

Due to increase in the rate of nutritional disease in our country e.g. obesity, children mortality, maternal mortality, Kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, a lot of people in Nigeria are unable to control their body size and weight. Also due to lack of nutritional knowledge, many people consume a lot of food that may not be suitable for their health. This program is been put in place in order to correct this anomalies.


Oyebamiji Emmanuel Aanuoluwapo is a member of Nutrition Society of Nigeria, his goal is to provide top quality services in a challenging and merit driven work environment with opportunities for career development, impact and change world of Nutrition.


Nutrition For Life on Pinnacle Health Radio

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