Nipah virus: India records another death

Nipah virus: India buries another death victim

On Thursday, medical workers in white plastic suits and breathing masks buried the latest victim of the Nipah virus in the town of Kozhikode.

The outbreak of the deadly disease has continued to raise fears among residents in the southwestern state of Kerala, India.

You would recall that Indian’s health minister KK Shailaja, had related the Nipah virus outbreak in the district of Kozhikode where the first death was recorded on May 18, 2018.

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She also reviewed as part of efforts to contain the disease, the country imposed emergency measures in the southwestern state of Kerala after  more than 40 people were infected with the viral disease.

Nipah virus has a mortality rate of 70 percent and has no vaccine for treatment. The WHO advises that supportive care be explored to make patients comfortable.

The virus is listed alongside Ebola and Zika as one of eight priority diseases the World Health Organization believes could cause a global epidemic.

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Health officials believe this outbreak began with someone infected  by a fruit bat, a senior Health Ministry official told the Press Trust of India news agency. Subsequent infections are believed to have come from human-to-human contact, sometimes passing to relatives or medical workers caring for the sick.

About 100 families where someone has had contact with infected people are being carefully monitored by health officials.

The public is advised avoid eating fruits that have fallen to the ground or appear to feature tooth or claw marks.

They are also to avoid abandoned wells and travel to the affected states.

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