Senate: Lawmakers go home with N13.5 million monthly


Senate Spokesman, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, has come out to defend the alleged N45 million which each member of the Nigeria senate expends quarterly. According to senator Sabi this amount was clearly stated in the budget it presented and so it’s no secret that members of the senate spend this amount quarterly.

You would recall that sometime last week, Senator Shehu Sani representing Kaduna Central had disclosed in an interview that each of the Nigerian lawmakers goes home with a quarterly allowance of N45 million in addition to a basic monthly salary of N750,000.

Many social commentaries about the Senators’ secret extravagant expenses has prompted the senate spokesman to come out openly to state that this sum is no secret considering the fact that it was originally embedded in the various line items and expenditure heads of the budget of the National Assembly which according to him has been made public.

According to senator Sabi, there was nothing secret about the whole thing. He further explained that each senator is entitled to monthly allowances ranging from medicals, travels, wardrobe, consultancy etc. All these allowances put together amounts to N13.5 million monthly which must not be tagged a senator’s salary Senator Aliyu said.

He explained further that each senator is expected to account for how the said sum is expended including the sum of N200 million allocated for their various constituency projects. In his explanation the senators are not expected to account for how their salaries are spent but should provide receipts to back up those of the allowances.

For the N200 million mapped out for the constituency projects, the senators are only expected to submit their projects and budgets to government agencies and NGO’s which are supposed to carry out the projects.

However, majority of Nigerians have continued to express their dismal while lawmakers should have access to such huge funds while millions of its citizens continue to live in poverty.

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