Man narrates ugly experience after recovering from stroke

Man recovers from stroke
Man recovers from stroke

A man who suffered a serious stroke at the age of 28 has said he and his fiancée struggled because of a lack of support for younger patients.

Dan Mole said: “Thought I was there because I had flu and didn’t realize I couldn’t move my right side or there were staples in my head.

“It was terrifying.

“I sometimes still relive it now and think, sometimes it doesn’t sink in that it’s happened still.”

Mole, from Cambridgeshire, collapsed at home in January 2017 but has since made an almost full recovery with the help of brain injury charity Headway.

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Wedding plans and IVF treatment were postponed while Dan recovered.

Mole’s fiancée had this to say: “We went from being quite a happy, young couple to then just being his carer.

“I suppose you just don’t hear of it in young couple but, actually, we really struggled to get support for the stroke.”

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Dan made good progress with help from brain injury charity Headway and is able to walk again.

The couple have just become parents for the first time.

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