Your makeup may put you at risk


Skin scientists (dermatologists) have expressed their worries over ladies who wear heavy makeup.

A Lagos-based dermatologist, Mr. Alex Adeniyi, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that excessive use of make-up could cause skin irritation, allergies and skin cancer on the users.

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In his warning chemicals found in most makeup; lipsticks, eye pencils, mascara and kajal among others contain neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemicals amongst other chemical contents which are dangerous to the skin if used excessively and could expose the skin and eyes to toxins and germs.

Another dermatologist, Mrs. Tobi Davis added that excessive use of make-up by women against skin problems such as pimples, allergies, patches, scars, boils, wrinkles and dark circles could eventually cause skin problems instead of beautifying it.

Mrs. Toyin also warned that high blood pressure, allergies, reduction in fertility and behavioural abnormalities are eminent to occur. According to the dermatologist Mrs. Toyin chemical preservatives used in many cosmetics are dangerous to the normal functioning of the human biological systems.

While Mr. Adeniyi advised ladies to always use suitable face washes, cleansers, toners and scrubs to wash off make-up on the skin daily especially at nights, Mrs. Toyin in addition proffered the use of natural facial treatments such as cucumber, honey, tomatoes and eggs. She posited that these natural ingredients were safer products for women as against the many dangerous chemicals contained in those unsafe products.

Mrs. Davis insisted that it is safer to enhance the skin with natural healthy products.

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