Lower blood cholesterol enhances cancer immunotherapy; research

cancer immunotherapy

A new study has reviewed that cancer immunotherapy becomes more effective when cholesterol is at minimal level.

cancer immunotherapy is the new method of treatment which uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancerous cells.

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Dr. Qing Yi, from the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute in Ohio latest study now published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine identifies cholesterol as a critical regulator of Tc9 cell differentiation and function.

Dr. Yi, had identified in a previous work that Tc9 cells, a specific subtype of T cell were more fiercely anti-cancer than others. Tc9 cells are known to excrete interleukin 9 (IL 9), a signaling molecule with anti-tumor properties.

Speaking about their new findings, the study authors said: “Our study identifies cholesterol as a critical regulator of Tc9 cell differentiation and function.”

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“Our studies suggest a relatively simple, cost-effective way to enhance T cell transfer therapy,” Dr. Yi said in excitement.

Dr. Yi, and his team plan to continue their line of investigation and embark on clinical trials as soon as possible.

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