“LITTLE DROPS OF HAPPY” – The long-awaited and most anticipated film of 2017

Little Drops of Happy

In this movie,Little Drops of Happy,A film that centers on the issues of depression & suicide – as well as gears towards a needed awareness of mental health.

Mano Ojo has to deal with the infidelity of her husband and domestic violence. This leads to a series of challenges she has to confront and overcome. The challenges become too overwhelming to the extent that she loses her poise .

She is misunderstood and termed mentally deranged…

Nevertheless, Mano in the midst of her chaotic experience of dealing with depression and post partum depression, has to save not just herself , but her estranged husband as well, from his promiscuous stance.

But did she truly succeed …?

This is a MUST Watch and please don’t watch alone, go along with family and friends as every scene has a lot of lessons to learn from it.

Osas Ighodaro Ajibade’s Statement on this

AYOOLA (Actor/Singer/Speaker) Statement below

I missed out on some of the outtings scheduled around the release of this amazing film and I’m not happy about that.. However, I’m very excited LITTLE DROPS OF HAPPY will be out in cinemas on the 24th of November, 2017. . #Repost @littledropsofhappythemovie (@get_repost) ・・・ Meet Mr. Femi Mano…#Repost from @iamdrmaymunah Little Drops of Happy is a movie that centers on depression and suicide in a subliminal way and it is geared towards creating the much needed awareness on mental health in an entertaining way keeping the message in focus. It is about the internal and external battles Mano Ojo had to suppress as a result of her unfaithful husband Femi Ojo. At the peak of her motional challenges, she became depressed but people around her didn’t really get the picture. With efficient technological and psychological interventions, Mano was able to overcome her worst fears, getting help and in the process, helped her husband overcome his too.

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Mercy Aigbe (Mercilicious – Award winning Nigerian Actress/Filmmaker) Releases her statement below

Watch what people say after the Premiere on 18th November


The most anticipated movie of 2017 will be in the cinemas come 24th November, 2017….Whatever the given situation, we shouldn’t allow our negativity to invade our being. No matter what happens we have the ability to remain in HAPPINESS…it only takes thought to do so. See the positive solution to every situation. Remember, by changing our thoughts, we can change our lives. @littledropsofhappythemovie is a MUST see. Don’t go alone, take family and friends along…

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