Little Beginning Academy holds town hall meeting on children with special needs

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Little Beginning Academy Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State, set the records again on Saturday 31, March as they brought together a panel of experts in a town hall meeting to better equip parents, teachers, caregivers, educators, doctors and therapists of children with special needs.

“Every child has a right to succeed, irrespective of needs or abilities. Ensuring appropriate support, right intervention and academic inclusion with special needs opens the door to limitless opportunities,” the panel upheld.

Dr. Ihyembe, a UK based Developmental Health Paediatrician, elaborated on the topic: “Holistic Care beyond diagnosis.”

According to Ihyembe, every child deserves the right and opportunities to succeed irrespective of his/her needs. Parents should therefore not look down or give up on these children. They only require an additional care.   “No child should be considered a bygone. Your aspirations for your child can be achieved still, it only requires an extra care, a little more time and patience,” she said.

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Dr. Ihyembe, acknowledged the role of parents, teachers, therapists, caregivers and doctors in the task of actualizing the potential of a child with special needs. Parents being at the centre must collaborate with the child’s doctor, therapist, teacher or caregiver to fully harness his/her potentials. This is because parents understand their children more than every other doctor, teacher, therapist or caregiver.

“You understand your child most because you are always with him or her. I, likewise every other caregiver work with the information you provide us.

“It is my work as a Developmental Health Paediatrician to make Parents understand this role.

“We must therefore work together to achieve the    result we hope for.”

“We must also understand that what the child needs is not all about drug therapy, it requires more than this, she said.

Parents were hence encouraged not to  limit their children potentials because they were born with special needs. They should not be restricted from interacting actively with their environment.

“Parents should not be too hasty to expect the child to gain his or her full potentials,” she concluded.

Mrs. Ronke Adeniyi, a member of the panel spoke on “Holistic inclusion for children with additional needs.”

In her very words, every individual is born with special needs, which we may not have discovered yet.

In other words, children born with special needs shouldn’t be discriminated against. They should be given their rightful place in the society be it in places of worship, health, leisure, etc. They also have the right to good education and should be accorded the needed respect.

She also encouraged parents not be scared because they have a kid with special needs. Parents should rather expose their children to the environment.

“Do not limit your child to the home and school circle,” she said.

Coach Lara Ejizu, speaking on “Foods and Essential oils as medicine.” buttressed on the need for one to take in the right foods which on the other hand will give no room for medicine or ill health. One is encouraged to avoid pro-inflammatory foods which are, foods that stimulate inflammation. They include; wheat, sugar, soyabean and high fat diets.

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Also, she underlined the importance of essential oils in good health and detoxification. “These oils are always contained in little small bottles,” she said.

“They are pure and uncontaminated. You need only a drop daily to bring about their effect.

“Myrrh oil is the king of oils, no wonder it was given as a gift to the king of kings,” she said.

Other speakers at the event were Dr. Grace Ojeamiren-Bamigboye and Tobilola Ajayi. They all buttressed on the need to pay special attention to children with special needs, adding that their needs do not take their potential away from them.

The head of the academy when asked by Pinnacle Health Radio on the outcome of the meeting called it “a success.” She commended the speakers and audience and pledged to continue to hold such event until the message is driven home.

And the message is this: “Every child has a right to succeed, irrespective of needs or abilities. Ensuring appropriate support, right intervention and academic inclusion with special needs opens the door to limitless opportunities.”  

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