Lagos Commissioner for Health says public-private sector partnership is key to quality health care delivery

Dr. Jide Idris, The Lagos State Commissioner for Health

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, has stressed the need for a public-private sector partnership in the delivery of quality health care service in the country.

He said this during a recent quarterly breakfast meeting organised by the Health Federation of Nigeria in Lagos.

The Lagos State Government has plans to introduce a ‘Manage Equipment Leasing’ policy that would help to stimulate private sector participation in health care delivery, he said.

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“This policy is a shift of focus from mere acquisition of equipment and not being able to maintain or use it. At the end of the day government spends a huge sum of money to acquire equipment which breaks down within a short time.

“That is why the policy is a paradigm shift. Rather than purchase new equipment, you can just lease it from reputable manufacturers under a legal agreement. They will supply, manage, operate and teach our people how to use the equipment,” Idris said.

According to him, the goal of the policy was to help the government to save costs.

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He also disclosed the efforts of the state government to curb the spread on diseases:  “We have a disease surveillance system in place and it is active. Its major objective is to track the occurrence of diseases and to alert the government in the event of an outbreak of a deadly disease.

“Our job is to prevent the outbreak of diseases and to address the situation immediately. The ministry of environment is already doing this with limited resources.”

He further appealed to residents of the state to take personal hygiene seriously and avoid dumping refuse on the roads.

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