Family planning, not a form of abortion – Expert


Dr Duduyemi Adeola Program Officer NURHI (Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative) while speaking on our Morning show, “Health Matters” charges family to see Family planning as a way of planning for the future.

Family planning is a way of living that is based on an informed choice in which an individual or couple come together and choose a method based on their understanding of the method.

The advantages of family planning as discussed will help family train children properly, assist the woman body system to be able to function well and the infrastructure in the community will last longer and better.

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Speaking further, she clarified on the methods of family planning which are Hormonal and non hormonal method. Under non-hormonal method there are different types: – natural method e.g. Breast feeding prevent ovulation for first six months after pregnancy, abstinence from sex, and barrier method like. Contraceptives and others.

Under hormonal method of family planning, there are pills that regulate the female body to prevent ovulation, also injectables, implants which are carried out by specialist and also IUD which is usually place in the uterus. There are also permanent methods for both man and the woman. Lastly before starting family planning seek advice from specialist.


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