Ebola survivor Dr. Akinniyi Fadipe calls on Government to step up survey

Lagos doctor

Fadipe, who was a doctor at the First Consultants Hospital, Lagos, when he became infected with Ebola has called on the Nigerian government to take Ebola prevention more seriously.

He said this is necessary to avoid a re-occurrence of the 2014 experience.

“The re-emergence of Ebola should be handled with all seriousness and promptness if we don’t want a replay of what happened in 2014. Ebola virus is a viral hemorrhagic disease with a high degree of contagiousness and mortality. Prevention is the key for the countries yet to be affected, including Nigeria. When I say prevention, I mean screening at entry ports, prompt identification of index cases, high index of suspicion for Ebola in all cases of febrile illnesses, immediate isolation of suspected and confirmed cases, and finally execution of protocols for the treatment of confirmed cases,” said Fadipe.

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He noted that the deadly disease must be tackled at four key levels or strata. “However, I can say there are four main strata of prevention we should be looking at: primordial, primary, secondary and tertiary. We are in the primordial phase of prevention in which our target is the general population,” he said.

He further added that greater awareness is needed using various media platforms. “We need to create awareness in mainstream and social media. This should involve what the disease entails, level of spread is important, symptoms and prevention.

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“Also, temperature check of arrivals from the DRC while concerned agencies in each state of the country should prepare for Ebola isolation centres or safe means of transportation to the nearest centre at least.

“By now, training of staff ought to be done. We have people who acquired a lot of experience during the last outbreak. Anything short of this is ill-preparedness on our part,” said Fadipe.

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