Eat your way to power


Food powers our life. It fuels all the bodily processes that enables us to move, think and breathe. It is therefore obvious that we are not healthy when these bodily processes cannot be carried out efficiently. All aspects of our life is influenced by what we eat; food does not only affects our body, but also affects the efficiency of our minds as well as our nature and our habits. Food, I dare say, and eating right is without doubt powerful.

Since food powers our life, the choice of food we make will also influence our well-being. What we eat plays a major role in influencing how the body carries out it functions. Therefore our priority should be to eat right, which include the right amount of nutrients, in its right combination, and at the right time (i.e. eating a healthy and balanced diet).

Here comes the relationship food has with our physical, social and mental well-being;

Physical well-being
The food we eat gives us the strength, agility, endurance speed, coordination and level of performance in our daily activities. What you eat determines the way you carry out your activities at work, at school as well as at home. For example taking in a diet filled with fried foods soaked in unhealthy saturated fats and Trans fat thereby increasing the risk for major diseases that impair your physical well-being and threaten your life.

Mental well-being
Food has a direct relationship to mental and emotional health and stability. For learning and memory, illness such as depressions, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer diseases benefit from feeding from a diet reduced calories that includes a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables and fish high in Omega-3 fatty acid such as Salmon.

Social well-being
Eating healthy diets keeps you physically and mentally fit. As a result, looking good gives you a feeling of self confidence, fewer inhibition and lower risk for disease. Therefore, you have the energy you need to enjoy a full rewarding social life. Meanwhile unhealthy diet leads to obesity and other illness as such preventing one from socializing with family and friends.

Eat right to live right, because your food steers all aspects of your life!

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