Diphtheria vaccination held in Cox’s Bazar schools

Cox’s Bazar
WHO/ A, Bhatiasevi

As schools reopened on 1st January after the winter break, children in Ukhia sub-district of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, lined up to not only receive new books, but also a dose of diphtheria tetanus (DT) vaccine. 

Children were vaccinated by WHO and UNICEF mobilized vaccinators and military nurses.

School children, living in areas close to the Rohingya camps in Ukhia and Tekhna sub-districts are being administered a dose of DT vaccine, as part of the diphtheria outbreak response.

“Childhood vaccination coverage is already high in Bangladesh. Protecting children with another dose of DT as a precautionary measure, will help to curtail further spread of diphtheria,” Dr Roderico Ofrin, Regional Emergency Director said, adding that this initiative demonstrates the health sector’s commitment to protect people, particularly children, through vaccination.

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Diphtheria is an infectious respiratory disease. It spreads through air droplets by coughing or sneezing. Risk factors include crowding, poor hygiene and lack of immunization.

Between 8 November and 31 December, 28 deaths and 3014 suspected cases of diphtheria have been reported from Cox’s Bazar. Nearly 10 594 contacts of these suspected cases have been put on diphtheria preventive medication.

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