Covenant University student expelled unjustly wins court case against school

Adooh emmanuel, Covenant university
Adooh emmanuel sues covenant university and wins court case

A student of Covenant university, Ota, who  was framed up and expelled after spending 5 years in school has won his court case against the institution.

Adooh Emmanuel took to his instagram handle @Dakskingod to reveal how he was expelled after he was done writing his final exams and his project. He also narrated how he was discouraged from suing the institution by most persons  saying he couldn’t win the case in court because others before him had tried and lost. The school also allegedly boasted of the same thing.

“They said if you sue them, you are wasting your time you’d lose. My eldest sister a lawyer, told my dad Daddy these people are very influential and very powerful and they have different members in high places if you sue them the odds are against us we’ll lose,” he said.

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However, his father involved SAN Falana and they were able to win the case in court.
Afterward, he took to Twitter to expose things going on in the institution. He even called names and exposed the Twitter handle of one of them. He, however, mentioned that Bishop Oyedepo has nothing to do with the corruption going on there, instead, it is the fault of the people he left in charge.

“Neither did I have the energy to be waking up by 5am to go have sex with a girl on a Saturday morning nor going to CDS to pay a security man 2k to be on the look for me while I have a quickie with a girl for fucks sake I did not even go to chapel for Can U or Drama night just so it’ll be dark enough to slip my fingers inside a girl’s pussy.”

He continued, “Covenant University would make you think they’re perfect but they are not. And this has absolutely nothing to do with Bishop David Oyedepo. It’s all about the people that he’s put in charge to oversee his school, a school he committed to God and these people just want to ruin everything he’s worked for.”

Emmanuel who earlier narrated how depressed he was and was near suicide concluded, “The long and short of my thread is I took Covenant University to Court and I won them. It’s satisfying to know that you can call them out on their bullshit and win.”


Though he deleted his tweets, stating that his sister asked him to, it had already been captured by Thread Reader and can be seen below.

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