Corpers Diary: Do politicians deserve praise singing for their achievements?

praise singing

Corpers Diary bent on discussing the new custom of praise singing for Nigerian politicians whenever they embarked on any project for the citizenry.

Is it right to praise one for doing his duty? Does the people own you gratitude for doing what they voted you for? Is the practice of praise singing a step in the right direction or a display of ignorance? These were the pertinent questions we sought answers to as we discussed the topic on Corpers Diary last Thursday.

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Some of the contributors had this to say; Mmelisi Felicity: “Yes if it’s achievements for the people they are leading not personal or individual achievements. That is, what they have been able to gain or do for the people such as road networks, employment, constant electricity, security etc.”

When asked if these achievements were not their normal duties she responded “Yes in our situation here, it is rare to get a leader who would do the needful for his or her people. So any one who is able to attain the basic duties deserves an applause,” Felicity said.

Samuel Onwuli, was also of the same line of thought with Felicity “Yes I believe they should be praised for their achievement. Especially in this part of our world were political leaders are not much questioned or persecuted for misusing a public funds. Or for making policies that are not beneficial to the citizens.

“These are some of the achievements; Achievement in good infrastructural development, achievement in educational sector, achievement in agricultural sector, achievement in good economic policies, achievement in employment etc. Onwuli, added, “Note: if a political leaders leaves an office better than they met them. Then they deserves all the accolades you ever think of.”

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However, Destiny and Goodnews shared a different view on the subject: Destiny Chima said: “If those achievements are from their personal pockets, then they should be praised. What were they elected into offices for? Nothing wrong with appreciating them but when we turn it into praises, then it’s wrong because they’re not doing us a favor.”

Goodnews Agbam: “Politicians deserve some appreciations when they do the extra ordinary It depends on what achievements. No one deserves praises for carrying out their responsibilities.

“But if they go out of their own way and do acts of goodwill like offering scholarships and building infrastructure etc with their own money, they sure deserve praise singing.”

Linda Korie, was more blunt on the issue; “What have they even achieved in this country? They have not achieve anything that will be better this country. So they don’t deserve any praises. Every day things are getting worse in this country. The poor are getting poorer while the rich are getting richer, said Linda.

One will understand the tone of Linda considering our Nigeria circumstantial menace where politicians are praised for even stealing public funds.

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