Corpers Diary: depression, suicide, any consequences, what is the solution?

Corpers Diary: suicide is not the solution
suicide not the solution

Owing to frequent news of suicide here and there nowadays, Corpers Diary sought to discuss the ravaging menace in our society as discussion seem to be a solution itself.

Annabelle Kosisochukwu Emeagwali-Sugar pointed out during the conversation that most persons end up with suicide because they were not open enough to discuss it with friends or that they didn’t have someone intimate enough to do so with.


The cases of Anthony Bourdain, and famous Kate Spade rendered baseless the thought that suicide is an economic status thing according to Kosi.

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Suicide cuts across both the aged and the young as more cases are seen among Nigerian youths.

Dorcas, identifies lapses on the part of parents for the occurrence of suicide among teens.

When parents do not find time to listen to their children or even ignore their complaints, depression sets in and suicide becomes the available option, Kosi said.

famous fashion designer Kate Spade

Destiny Chima had this to say in response to the topic; “I think it’s about time all of us, individually and collectively become more mental health aware. It will help us help others and should we be affected, know when to seek for help.

“Mental health is highly under-rated in Nigeria, there is this belief that every Nigerian has moderate percentage of madness hence no need to bother, psychiatrist are highly stigmatized because an average Nigerian thinks they are meant for full blown madness only.

“The same way people have malaria in their physical body is the same way people may not be feeling too well mentally. It doesn’t mean they are bad people or are less deserving of anything.

“We should not even stigmatise them in our minds, all they need is necessary help and possibly drugs. Same way people take antimalarial for malaria.”

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Though depression and mental illness are not the only causes of suicide, as mental health experts have reviewed. Whatever the cause, suicide is never a solution. Like Destiny said, we all need to watch one another by first, being mentally aware.

Kosi, sees this as a call to return to the communal living of care and interest for one another, where a brothers business is also my business.

To curb this menace all hands need to be on deck. Intimacy and close friendship can save a life.

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