Corpers Diary; who is to be blamed for increased rape cases in the society?

stop rape
Corper's Diary; stop rape
The big and ugly argument today on Corpers Diary was: Who is to be blamed for the increased rape cases in our society today, rapist, victim, parent or society?
Paschal Nwala, alongside other Lagos Corps members, Kosi and Dorcas were in the studio to anchor the debate.
“Rape is the unlawful carnal knowledge of a person without the victims consent, or with the consent, when the person consenting is not above 13, or such consent was obtained by force, undue influence or under the pretence of her husband,” said Mark Madu, as he provided the legal framework for argument.
The panelist argued that the rapist is the first to be blamed not considering whether the victim dressed properly or not, was at the wrong place or not. S/he is the action doer, s/he can decide to carry out the action or not.

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Also, the panelists agree just like some of the contributors that the society has a share of the blame.
The society always blames the victim, stigmatizes the victim, and fails to educate her children or raise adequate awareness.
Some of the off studio contributors had this to say:
Stephen: “I think it’s the society because a suitable platform has not been provided for such purpose, no good awareness and guidelines.”

Florus: “Parent have refused to caution their children of their immodest dressing”

Uche: “They are the first educators in the life of every being.”

Samuel: “All to be blamed.

“Victim – if the victim dresses seductively, exposing the part of her body that is to be covered.. She is to be blamed.

“Rapist – The rapist is always to be blamed for indulging in the act of rape.

“Parents – Parents are to be blamed for refusing to inculcate moral values in their children.. They should also be mindful of the kind of dresses their children wear and also watch the kind of life their children are living.

“Society – The advance of various social media platform in Nigeria has increased crime more especially “Rape”. The society has not done much to checkmate some of this juvenile delinquencies.. Our laws are not strong enough to prosecute offenders..Awareness programs are not be conducted to enlightening our youths. The society is so porous to some of this social crime.”

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Destiny: “The rapist is the action doer, he’s left with the choice of doing the act or    not.

“It’s a crime”

“If you’re tempted you have two options either you resist or fall for it.”

Cinderela: “We can’t solely the parent.

“Now it has to be between the rapist and victim”

“Most occurrences of rape occur because girls are at the wrong place at the wrong time, be it            that they may be cajoled into it or not.

“Am not entirely putting the blame of the rapist though but there is something my mum told me   one certain time, that just one guy can’t rape a girl except she gives in, it has to be two or more.

“Like I was almost a victim of rape, first I was at the wrong place and what

saved me that day was what my mum told and God’s love.

“So I can’t say I blame the guy, he never pulled me off my room back then in school.

“Reason for going was genuine enough but it still does not count.”

Rape victims need the proper counselling to re-incorporate them into the society.

Because a victim might live forever with the pains of rape.

Society, parents and all hands have a role to play.

Dear rapist, you cup is almost full.


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