Corpers Diary: Does anyone or scenario deserve jungle justice?

Jungle justice
Corper's Diary submits; no one or scenario deserve jungle justice

The big question on Corpers’ Diary yesterday was: Does anyone or scenario deserve jungle justice?

Jungle justice or mob justice is a form of public extrajudicial killings where an alleged criminal is humiliated, beaten or summarily executed by a crowd or vigilantes.

Jungle justice is becoming a norm in many parts of Nigeria today. Most of us are witnesses to this inhuman way of executing judgment.

In the studio was Annabelle Kosisochukwu Emeagwali-Sugar and myself Paschal Nwala (Paschini).

Some contributors at first look at the question disapproved the merit of jungle justice in any circumstance. But on a closer look of a scenario where it involved a family member subscribed to jungle justice.

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Whatever the scenario, the argument remains: Has jungle justice reduced the frequency of crimes in the society.

Though we agree that it did in some particular time or place as during the bakasi witch hunting times in Onitsha as Kosi had narrated and the case of University of Port Harcourt, Aluu 4.

However, jungle justice has not proved to reduce the perpetration of crime on a general note.

Though, we agreed that emotions come into play when it involves one’s family but just as Kosi insisted, one should discipline his/her rationality.

While she subscribes to seeking justice through the law, I on the hand believe forgiveness is the only way I can let go.

Some of the contributors had these to say:

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Samuel Onwuli.: “Everyone in any scenario deserves legal hearing to matter the kind of crime committed according to the law… no deserves jungle justice.

“Yes, some scenario can be very annoying but we are educated not to take laws into our hands…Our emotions should be tamed.”

“Sometimes jungle justice is the best judgment, but in all, every crime type has a punishment,” he added.

Agbam Goodhope said: “No matter the situation, one should not take laws into his or her hands.

“Unless on a self-defense which is different.”

Destiny and Cinderella simply said: NOOO respectively.

While Israel Nyor-ue and Uche Ofoegbu in their respective views said the act of jungle justice is “Irritating” and “Horrible”.

Jungle justice is not worth it. Just as Mark Madu said: “Ubi jus ibi remedium…..for every wrong there is a remedy.” No one is justified to jungle justice. It makes you no better than the person.

Being a spectator at such scenarios not doing anything to remedy the situation makes you guilty of the crime.

Let the judge render justice.

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