Corpers Diary: The 21st century home/marriage, are we getting it right?

21st century home/marriage

The big question on Corpers Diary Thursday was: The 21st century home/marriage, are we getting it right?

You may as well be puzzled why corps members should be discussing a topic like this when they have numerous challenges at hand.

However, one who fails to plan, plans to fail. And we can’t plan to overcome a problem if we fail to identify it.

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As usual Annabelle Kosisochukwu Emeagwali-Sugar

was in the studio with myself Paschal Nwala (Paschini) to spur the discussion.

What is the essence of marriage? Kosi identifies “companionship and procreation as the key essence of marriage.”

It is no doubt families/marriage unions of past/passing generations had various challenges including cases of divorce.

However, can those be compared to the present trend of divorces, baby mama, child abuse and parental neglect in the home/marriage. This is what Corpers Diary focused to discuss on Thursday.

The discussion which was both tough and thought provoking had mixed reactions. Below are the views;

F Double; “Even in the past, it wasn’t gotten alright. My main point is that marriage standards keep deteriorating.”

Okiemute Cinderella: “I can’t really say we are failing, but we are not doing all things the right way for so many reasons.”

Responding to the cases of divorce, Cinderella said: “We can’t generalize it o. Marriage is one institution that is difficult to understand or go through except God’s grace.”

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Obasi Kosarachukwu: “We aren’t getting it right because everyone wants to get married without understanding the intrinsic of marriage. That’s why majority of them today are filing for divorce and some running for their life.

Somtoo just had this to say: “Where people no longer see sense in marriage? Lol.

Destiny Chima responding to the question said: “We are.” Speaking further on the challenges embattling many couples today, she simply says: “Lack of preparation, impatience and misunderstanding.”

Looking at the discussion above, you might agree with us that young people identify a lot of loopholes in the 21st century home/marriage which need to be set right.

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