Commotion in S-East over ‘vaccine’ B

Monkeypox in south east zone

The entire South East zone is currently in commotion, following widespread rumour alleging invasion of schools by men dressed in military uniform and allegedly injecting pupils and students to death with an unknown vaccine linked to monkeypox.

The development that came to light in the last 48 hours has created confusion and anxiety, leading to stampede in states within the zone as parents dashed to various nursery and primary schools to take home their children and wards.

Reports from all the states revealed that there was panic and anxiety in the public arena as unconfirmed news of alleged deaths of some pupils spread like wildfire, following allegations that the free medical outreach programme which is part of the Operation Python Dance 2, is responsible for the monkeypox disease now ravaging parts of the South-South and spreading to the South East.

Meanwhile according to a researcher with  Benin-based Centre for Population and Environmental Development, Dr. Francis Onojeta has disclosed that an average of 145 Nigerian women of child bearing age die every day, adding that  no fewer than 2,300 children under five years also die daily.

Dr. Onojeta in his presentation on “Innovative Approach to Improving Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, in Nigeria attributed UNICEF as the source of the information on the state of maternal and child heath in Nigeria. He described the situation as very worrisome and called for a holistic action against the scourge by all tiers of government in the country.

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