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Eat your way to power

10 January 2017

Food powers our life. It fuels all the bodily processes that enables us to move, think and breathe. It is therefore obvious that we are not healthy when these bodily processes cannot be carried out efficiently. All aspects of our life is influenced by what we eat; food does not only affects our body, but […]

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When taking a shower becomes a dilemma…

7 January 2017

Most people feel that you should shower frequently as possible for this will ensure that you are cleaner. In addition to help cleaning the body, showering can be a soothing process as it will wash away your troubles and cares. Although it is important to shower regularly to maintain good personal hygiene, there is such […]

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Your body odour could be killing your relationships!

5 January 2017

Body odour is the unpleasant smell that our bodies can give off when we sweat and the bacteria on the skin breaks it down to become acids. During the initial stages, body odour may not be as prominent as how it can become when left untreated. Body odour usually occurs during puberty stages – for […]

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And here we go again…

29 December 2016

The toughest part of the process is usually getting the process started. Or so one is wont to think. Another tough part that we recently encountered at PHR is coming to start all over again. After building our library of information to a place where we were ready to let out the word that ‘WE […]

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