Friday, August 17, 2018

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Alzheimer’s disease
There is not one drug, one vitamin, or one food that will prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It’s your entire lifestyle that makes a difference. Nutrition, stress management, sleep, and physical activity are all important. Diet The health of a person’s brain is dictated to a large extent by the state of their...

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Thursday Big Q

Breast milk

Thursday Big Question – Is breast milk good for eye infection?

Eye infections. Apply a small amount of breast milk to a cotton wool pad and dab it around your eye to help soothe infection,...
Dropping urine in eye

Thursday Big Question: Dropping urine in eye to treat infection, right or wrong?

Another treatment for eye infection and irritation we’ve run into is urine. We do not know where this one came from, but eye specialists...
keto diet

Thursday Big Question : Is Keto Diet for weight loss sustainable ?

Is keto diet sustainable? What does “sustainable” really mean? During this conversation on Health Matters with our guest Hanifah Ibikunle, Team Lead, NourishRight. She made the statement...

Does the Child Child with down syndrome has a contribution to add to the...

On #Thursdaybigquestion with Child with Special needs expert, Does the Child Child with down syndrome has a contribution to add to the society? READ: World Autism Awareness Day:...
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