Big Brother Naija 3: Nina attacks Miracle

Big brother

We are all familiar with the relationship between Miracle and Nina the silent couples in the Big Brother house but for some reason this week they are not silent anymore. Nina, who was Miracle’s strategic partner, is accusing him of sharing their s*xual encounter with the other housemates.

Nina and Miracle, who were before now strategic partners , have been caught more than once having s*x in the Big Brother house.

Both housemates had made viewers understand they knew each other before coming together in the show. But Mina has on Wednesday, told Big Brother that she no longer understands Miracle, who according to her, was a much more reserved and calm when they were together. She even thanked Biggie for separating her from Miracle during her diary session.

Confronting Miracle for letting out their secret, Nina said, “You have changed a lot. This is not the person I used to know.”

This angered Miracle who demanded what exactly he had done wrong. In response, Nina said, “I never knew you talk too much. Why did you tell them that we had s*x on camera.

“Our relationship has depreciated and you no longer care about me. I no longer enjoy the relationship the way I used to.”This is shocking to viewers, we were already getting used to the pair and their love for each other on camera but we hope the find their way back to each other’s hearts.

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