Micro plastic can be dangerous to human life and ocean; Experts call for corrective measure

Beating plastic Pollution

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans, requiring a corrective and urgent social change says the representative of United Nation, Mr Ronald Kayanja at the 2018 World Environment day celebration organized by Nigerian Conservation Foundation in Lagos on Thursday.

Micro plastic can be dangerous to human life and ocean, 30 million plastics are produced and 8 million end in the ocean, these enter our food chain and cause more health problem.

Due to the amount of plastic pollution, we will be having more plastic in the ocean than fishes in 2050, the solution is to change our attitude to use of plastic.


Nigeria can emulate other African countries who have stopped importation of plastic materials by putting right policies and strategies in place

This is an environment issue that need an urgent and corrective social change, Plastic can be substituted by reusable acts.

Beating Plastic Pollution; Experts charged public on Right Approach on PhrTv

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