Avoiding Dirty Hands: Expose on Hand Washing Hygiene

Hand washing

Hand washing: You make use of the hands for almost every activity on a daily basis. The hands are a vital part of the body and I’m sure you can’t begin to imagine life without the use of your hands. Hence, the need to be careful and to ensure your hands is always clean and free from germs.

You make use of your hands to shower, for laundry, to cook, handle food, and other sensitive parts of the body while using the loo, as well as handling equipment at home and in the office.

You need to regularly wash your hands with soap for roughly 5 seconds to get off dirt, and other germs lurking beneath the fingernails.

There are effective ways to hand washing and they include the following:

hand washing
hand washing facts: we also need to be #waterwise when washing hands. There are ways to save water, by installing water saving tap heads. Using hand sanitiser also reduces the risk of spreading germs and wasting water.
  • Ensure you make use of both hands scrubbing against each other as you wash.
  • Use a good soap to easily get off dirt and stains.
  • Brush under the fingernail and the tips to free your hands of germs causing disease and infection.

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