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The toughest part of the process is usually getting the process started. Or so one is wont to think. Another tough part that we recently encountered at Pinnacle Health Radio is coming to start all over again. After building our library of information to a place where we were ready to let out the word that ‘WE ARE HERE’ we had to go back to the place of start. Well, we have learnt and now we move on.

This is the season of refreshing happenings and we are jumping in the pool and about to go a-splashing, you don’t want to be told, you just have to part of the happenings here at Pinnacle Health Radio. We are going to be serving you huge chunks of creamy information that will help you come to a place of bettering your health and wellness.

We know that above all things, you desire to be in great health, to live long and to have rest of mind concerning the wellness of your family, and we are positioned to help you with achieving these desires. Issues including family health matters, mental health issues, sex, eating, sleeping, exercising etc will be part of what will be informing you off on this platform, making sure that the information is easy to access and very simple to digest and live out each day.

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Feel free to send your mail – questions, comments, feedback or even your view on any health and wellness related subject – to the ‘’.

Welcome to multiple servings of health and wellness that’s more than just talk.

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Pinnacle Health Radio
Pinnacle Health Radio is a health and wellness radio station positioned towards providing up-to-date quality information, through educating and entertaining programmes, that enables the listeners make well informed choices that promotes a better quality of life. We are positioned to help Africa attain healthy lives, and promoting the well-being for all at all ages.

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