Brain pacemaker has become a widely accepted method to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease since its innovation by China.

The first China-made brain pacemaker was implanted in a patient’s brain in November 2009 since then nearly 10,000 Chinese patients have received deep brain stimulation surgery.

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According to Li Luming, Director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Neural Control under the Tsinghua University; “Deep brain stimulation surgery has become an important method to treat Parkinson’s disease patients at the middle and late stages of the disease.”

Luming, revealed that the China-made brain pacemakers have also been introduced to other countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia to give new hope to patients there.

Statistics show that about 1% of Chinese above the age of 50 suffer Parkinson’s disease while the figures is expected to rise as the country becomes an aging society.

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Deep brain stimulation is one of the most advanced neurological treatments among all the therapeutic methods for the Parkinson’s disease. Deep brain stimulation combines neurology, neurosurgery and electrical engineering. It enables doctors to implant tiny electrodes in patient’s brains to affect the abnormal cells.

A second generation brain pacemaker with a longer life and also rechargeable has also been developed by researchers at Tsinghua University.

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