These 6 natural health drinks will instantly calm you down

natural health drinks

Your demand for nutrient should increase when your body is under stress, go for food rich in antioxidants like dry fruits, vegetables, blueberry, fish, figs, curd, and bananas. It will help fight stress by preventing free radical damage.

Quickly let take you through selected natural health drinks that will instantly calm you down.

6. Blueberry smoothie

Glass with fresh blueberry smoothie and berries on kitchen table

Blueberries is best known to  improve our body response to fight stress since it contain antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which help to lower stress.

5. Carrot and tomato smoothie

A mixture of Carrot and tomato are will keep the body energy levels high due to its fiber and antioxidants content which lowers stress. Tomatoes contain vitamins A, K and C and potassium while Carrots also are a great source of vitamin A and a good source of vitamin C and fibre.

4. Papaya smoothie

Papaya is rich in carotenoids and some of the nutrients found in papaya are thought to have a range of health benefits. Also, Papayas are an excellent source of vitamin C too.

3. Warm Or Hot Milk

If you really want to calm you nerves, hot or even warm milk will be the best option due to an mino acid it has called Trytophan. It is great for a person who feels that his nerves are shot and they want to fall asleep. For a sweet antioxidant boost, mix it with a little honey.

2. Water

Yes, a simple drink like water make you feel less anxious and stressed, it prevent dehydration hindering the normal function of the body. Dehydration could paralyze your body function, affect hormonal flow which can also prevent endorphins that improve mood and the sense of well-being from being released, and without those, it can contribute to stress and anxiety.

1. Coconut Water

Coconut water has a good ability to boost energy levels, also help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as help you sleep better as it’s an excellent source of B-complex vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pyridoxine, and folates, as well as potassium and magnesium, minerals that help the muscles to relax and improve blood circulation.


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